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What you need to Know About rhinestone Wax Pens

by Frederick

Do you love picking out rhinestones and charms to add extra sparkle to your jewelry? If so, you need to check out waxpen! These handy tools make it easy to pick up rhinestones and other small charms without worrying about dropping them, losing them, or falling off the jewelry. They are also a great way to avoid getting your fingers covered in hot glue.

In this blog post, we will discuss all the wax pens and their features to help you choose the one that is right for you. And how they can help you with your beading projects! Stay tuned.

Notable features of wax pens

Following are some of the features this innovative wax pen contains:


This rhinestone picking tool is very versatile because it has 2 heads. Both of these tips can meet diverse needs while doing bead craft. The tip made of wax can be used to pick up the beads and gems, while the steel tip on the other side of the pen is used to fix and press the bead after placing it on the material. This tip can also be used to get rid of the beads and gems if you want to change the style of thedurability arrangement.

Self-Adhesive Tip

When picking up rhinestones or other beads for nail or jewelry decoration with other kinds of bead picker, you have to dip the pen’s tip into some solution like; glue, water, gel, etc. This helps the beads to stick to the tip. This ultramodern pen does not require any kind of gel or solution because its tip is made up of wax which sticks the beads to itself easily. This easy sticking also makes it easy to precisely place the beads on small and large surfaces.

Futuristic Design

The rhinestone picking wax pens are made keeping in mind their use and the comfort and convenience of their users. To effortlessly and efficiently use and control the pen, an acrylic handle is given, which has a diameter of one centimeter. To further enhance its beauty, its body is made up of metal bursting with stunning rhinestones.


The metal and other materials used in these pens are very reliable. This material is the epitome of durability because it is corrosion resistant and will not deform easily. It is made to survive wear and tear.

Uses of Wax Pens

These wax pens are revolutionary in the industry of nail art and jewelry decorations. This is because it is made to pick up different kinds of beads and rhinestones with the utmost ease. It is a very fine choice for home as well as professional use because of its versatility.


This blog post has presented you with all the features of rhinestone picking wax pens that you need to know. It is a handy and versatile tool you must buy if you like to try different nail art. But this is not limited only to nail art. Rather you can also design jewelry with varying kinds of beads using this. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new rhinestone wax pen and become a pro at nail art!

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