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Maintenance of roll-up garage door springs

by Frederick

The roll-up garage door springs are large gauge steel coils that counterbalance the heavy weight of doors using rotational force. Their purpose is to lift the heavy weight of the doors against the gravitational force. They are responsible for closing and opening the door. Good quality roll-up garage door lasts more than 12 years. But you should pay heed to the proper functioning and maintenance of the garage door springs. Too much spring tension can lead to a highly unbalanced and dangerous door. In this case, you must have to go for the option of replacing the self storage roll up door springs.

When you should replace the springs?

Why and when do you need a replacement? Let’s discuss this in detail. The following points will help you decide whether you should replace your garage door springs.

· Unbalanced roll-up garage door:

Check the springs immediately if you feel that your garage door is unbalanced. Damaged springs will not provide enough tension to balance the door weight. Too much stress can also lead to an unbalanced door.

Here are the signs to identify an unbalanced roll-up door:

  • It takes much longer to open and close the garage door.
  • Strange sounds are produced during the garage door opening and closing.
  • The garage door is uneven.
  • Sometimes, the roll-up garage door is stuck and will not open.

An unbalanced door exerts extra stress and strain on the opener, which can break it. It can also damage the spring leading to a broken door.

· Excessive squeaking:

Slight and low squeaking now and then is usual, but excessive squeaking can be a severe indicator of damaged springs. The application of lubricants and oil may solve the problem. But if the squeaking persists, then it means that your springs are worn out or broken. At this stage, you should immediately replace your garage door springs to avoid any severe damage.

Is spring replacement necessary for door?

One of the most important reasons for replacing of spring in roll-up garage door is safety and protection. Broken garage door springs can cause severe damage to any vehicle or person standing nearby. It can also cause the roll-up garage door to shut unexpectedly. So if you are standing underneath the door, the outcome will not be convenient. You will have to deal with the hospital and garage door spring bills. A damaged roll-up door extension spring is a serious safety hazard. Worn-out extension springs will immediately break apart and may cause severe damage and injury. The torsion spring has this safety advantage over the extension spring. Torsion springs break with a loud bang but stay intact.


The practical function of a roll-up garage door spring is lost if it is damaged. It will hamper the normal movement of the garage door. It is recommended to replace the garage door springs rather than repair them. Many garage door specialists recommend replacing both door springs to avoid inconvenience in the future. Choose the high-quality roll-up garage door springs for long-lasting results. It will reduce your time and maintenance costs in the future.

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