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Introduction To Pocket Bikes

by Frederick

For most people, the first thing that came to mind when they saw a pocket bike was that it was a kid’s toy. This is true for all the right reasons, until we began to see adults riding these mini motorcycles. As a result of their sizes, these pocket bikes are an ideal way to introduce your kids to the world of motorcycles.

What are pocket bikes?

Pocket bikes are also popularly known as mini bikes. They are designed as a motorized z two-wheel, off-road motorcycle. They became commercially available in 1959 and were hugely successful in the 1960s and 1970s. As off-road motorcycles, they are different from the regular motorcycles and mopeds. Yet, they’re not dirt bikes since they are designed with a much smaller size. They are designed with small engines and not as powerful as other types of motorcycles.

What is the weight of an average pocket bike?

On average, these mini bikes have an average weight of about 50 lbs, that’s about 23 kg. This makes them ideal for kids since you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting weighed down by the bike during a crash. Pocket bikes usually come with a length that’s less than 1 meter and about 50 centimeters in height.

How fast do these pocket bikes go?

Although they are small-sized bikes, these pocket bikes are often built with a 40cc engine. With such an engine, the average speed of the bike is between 40 to 50 mph. Although their average speeds are slower than standard off-road bikes, 40 to 50 mph is a safe enough speed for a kid to ride around in.

Can the engine be upgraded?

Yes, it can. Although not an internationally recognized sport, pocket bikes are upgraded for use in specialized motorcycle race tracks. These super mini bikes are upgraded to produce an average of 17- horsepower. Some come with a 125cc engine that would allow for an average speed for 75 mph.

If you’re buying it for your kid, there’s no reason for an upgrade. If you’re buying them for some outdoor, off-road camping trip, you can speak to the suppliers to help with an upgrade.

What factors should be considered before buying pocket bikes?

The age of the rider is the first thing anyone should consider. Ideally, if it’s for a kid, the kid should be at least thirteen. At this age, they’re more responsible for actions taken and can make informed decisions. The engine and speed of the bike would determine how fast you want the pocket bike to run.

Since engine sizes start at 40cc, this should be best for a thirteen year old kid or for amateurs. Adults can opt for larger engine types like a 125cc that’ll guarantee more speed.

The available budget would be the deciding factor as there are a range of different prices and brands to choose from. Also, stick with a reputable brand that produces quality pocket bikes.


Riding pocket bikes is a fun way to get started with off-road bikes. They are designed to have a low center of gravity, thereby increasing their stability. Since they come with an average weight of 50 lbs, they’re not too heavy for a teenager to control and manipulate. They’re also an affordable choice when looking to get started with motorcycles.

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