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Here’s How To Make Wood Pellets

by Frederick

Wood pellets are the next thing that’s on the rise due to people becoming more environmentally conscious. These are ecologically sustainable by products that are made by the recycling of old materials and plant-based waste products. These have cut the amount of waste produced overall by at least half. These are renewable, recyclable, and very economical. They are compact and cheaper to buy in bulk. They are easy to produce in bulk as well. They are available for the general public as well as industrial plants. These can be considered the next renewable source of energy as they are easy to produce and they have shown potential in being a source of energy. In this article, details about how to make wood pellets have been described.

How To Make Wood Pellets

Wood pellet making requires several steps. Here is a concise guide on how to make wood pellets. Machines are required in each of the steps mentioned here.

1. Select The Raw Material First

The raw material for making wood pellets is plant-based products. Some popular raw materials are wood cuttings, wood shavings, wood chips, nutshells, rice husks, and straw.

2. Input The Raw Material In The Machine

After picking the raw materials of choice, they go through an extensive cleaning process to ensure they are clean of any dirt and gunk that might damage the entire batch. Once they are clean, they are put through processing. During this processing, they are dehydrated completely, making them shrink in size. Once shrunk, they are broken into different sizes based on the requirement.

3. Set up All The Settings To Get Desired Type Pellet

After putting the raw material into the machine, one goes through the settings to receive the right type of pellets. Some are designed for industrial plants while others are for residential furnaces. Some are made for combustion. Some are made to produce steam and electricity. These variations come into the pellet due to changes in moisture content and dimensions.

4. Collect The Pellets From The Machine In A Large Storage

The machines used in processing pellets and manufacturing them produce huge amounts of pellets in a short time. Unless stored, these pellets will go to waste. That’s why, after manufacturing them, they are stored in storage feeders. These storage feeders are huge metal bins that store the pellets until it is time for packaging. During packaging, the feeder passes the pellets down the assembly line, making it easier for the people to package them.

5. Pack The Pellets In Different Packaging Sizes

Wood pellets come in different shapes and sizes. While making wood pellets, it is necessary to keep that in mind. Seven different types of wood pellets are made using the machines. These wood pellets vary in shape and size. Based on the type of pellet used, they are separated and packaged. Usually, wood pellets are packaged in plastic to prevent moisture from getting in them.

6. Dispatch

Different businesses receive their share of wood pellets after packaging. Industrial places that require furnaces and boilers require more amount of wood pellets. Wood pellets work in residential heaters and furnaces. A lot of people buy wood pellets directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, they buy wood pellets from grocery stores.


To grow a wood pellet business, one must have machines that can produce products in bulk, have adjustable settings, will work for a long time, make it an investment, and don’t take a lot of time to produce wood pellets. Yulong’s pellet machine has all of those features. Made with stainless steel, it promises durability. Yulong Pellet Machine produces more than 3 tons of wood pellets in merely an hour, making it the perfect machine for this business.

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