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Everything You Need to Know About Uwell Pod Kits

by Frederick

In recent years, the vaping industry has gravitated more towards innovation and using pod kits than traditional vape pens and tanks. Many vape companies are coming up with advanced technology to enhance features as well as the performance of the vapes. Uwell is one of the popular vape companies invested in user satisfaction and experience.

This company has a lot of released models, most of which are the top-selling vapes in the market. The uwell pod kits, especially the Caliburn series, are a supreme industry model. It has additional flavor enhancement features that give them a unique distinguishing element.

Uwell Pod Kit Series

Uwell pod kits have several model series, some more popular than others, although all of them are of excellent quality. These series include;

1. Uwell Whirl Pod Vapes

The best-selling model in this series is the Whirl T1 mod vape. The similar features in all of them include an in-built rechargeable battery of 1300mAh and a LED indicator. Other parts and elements vary according to the version.

2. Caliburn Series Vape

Their newest release, the Caliburn A2, is just as popular as other models before it. Caliburn is their best-selling and best-quality vape series.

3. The Cravat Pod Kit

This series consists of ultra slim pod kits with simple designs and features. It is made of aluminum alloy, with subtle differences from the other vape kits.

4. Uwell Popreel Pod System

Like the other model series, it has a high performance and functionality level and is usually used for MTL vaping.

5. The Kalmia Pod Kit

The series draws inspiration from the Kalmia flower and have simple instructions you can easily understand. It has a battery of 400mAh with a maximum output of 13W. Kalmia series can hold a capacity of 1.6ml and performs just as well as other pod kits.

6. Aeglos Uwell Pod Kit

This kit accommodates both DTL and MTL vaping. It is designed in a simple, elegant way with simple instructions on how to use it.

When Should You Refill and Replace Your Uwell Pod?

Maintaining your pod kit is as important as using it. Thus, you must know when to refill or replace your coil and vape parts. When your liquid falls below the MIN indicator on the tank, it is your queue to supply it with vape juice. The vape can still be used beyond this point, but the vape will have a burnt taste.

Most pods last up to 14 days before requiring deep cleaning or replacement. Hence, you should ensure that the pod is cleaned consistently and regularly to last longer. You need to also recharge your vape more often for a great experience. A typical Uwell vape takes one day to charge.


Even with the many pod kits in the market, Uwell is still one of the most prominent brands, with never declining product releases each year. They have model series worth buying, even for beginners, since they are easier to use than most pod kits. Their simple and unique designs add to the whole vibe in addition to their portability property. With its high-end products, Uwell is expected to remain one of the top-selling brands in the vaping industry.

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