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Common Causes of Damage While Pressure Washing

by Frederick

The innovation of pressure washer trailers is one of the numerous creations in the industry. The prominent players in the industry are trying to make pressure washers for diverse purposes specifically. However, these pressure washers can still cause damage when wrongly used or handled. Some of the most common reasons for damages when using pressure washers are discussed in this guide. Let’s go!

Wrong pressure washer choice

The choice of pressure washer is the most crucial consideration when you want to choose a pressure washer. Across the globe, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of pressure washers to choose from when you decide to buy a pressure washer. There are so many options that you may get confused when trying to buy one.

The idea of confusion can have three counterintuitive consequences. It is either you buy a mediocre pressure washer that does not last long. That can be a bad thing, but at least you will not get any of your items damaged. Also, you may get a pressure washer that is good but is not meant for the purpose of your usage. Now, imagine you buy a pressure washer meant to clean windows and try to use it to remove paint. It will not be effective in any way. Instead, you will be getting the paint wet.

Where matters get worse is when you buy a pressure washer that has a higher power than the item you want to clean. This is the base course of damages while pressure washing. So instead of buying just any pressure washer, try to research and make the right choice.

Wrong pressure washer setting

Setting up your pressure washer is probably the only thing that can confuse you with its usage. But if you buy the device from a good brand, you can rest assured of getting your pressure washer set up for free. However, if your pressure washer is a good one, there should be a knob to set your pressure washer to its high or low setting. No matter how strong the material is, you should start your pressure washer with the lowest setting if it is the first time. The idea is to understand the pressure washer before using it.

Wrong nozzle choice

Many people fail to recognize the importance of a pressure washer nozzle in using the pressure washer. The nozzle affects how the water comes out of the pressure washer. Nozzles have various colors, each describing the intensity of the nozzle. This is another common reason for damages during pressure washing because many people fail to understand the use of the nozzles before using their pressure washer.

Low distance from the nozzle to surface

Pressure washers work with pressure coming from the pump within the device. It is important to leave a distance between the nozzle and the surface you’re cleaning to reduce the impact of the pressure. The closer it gets to the surface, the more pressure impacts, which can cause damage.


The factors discussed in this guide are the most common causes of damage when you are using a pressure washer to wash. However, it is also possible to have all these factors sorted and still damage an item. This is why we are human and prone to mistakes.

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